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dennis.JPG VP of Suave Member Relations
  • Destination rides & giver of awards
  • New rider welcoming committee 
Dennis M
franny.JPG VP of Adventure
  • Logistics, planning, coordinating of Special Tours
Franny J
 Chris.jpg VP of Rider Communications
  • Central contact point for the club (inbound and outbound)  
Chris S
nuno.JPG VP of Stuff
  • Webmaster 
  • Social media stuff
  • Route guru
Nuno B
  VP of Cashola
  • Financial Reality Checker
Chris G
jamie.JPG El Presidente
  • UMO (Useless Management Overhead)
  • VP of Diddly
  • Part-time pirate
Jamie B
  VP of Social
  • Social coordination & communications, well, cuz she's more coordinated and communicative than the rest of us :)
  VP of Alliances
  • Municipal affairs, ride safe, and other club alliances
Felix L
  VP of Bravaria
  • Earl of Hops
Jochen H